Thursday, April 21, 2016

Why We Love The SchoolRoom!

The SchoolRoom

        I remember the last time I was in The SchoolRoom. It was years ago. I went with my cousin as she took her daughter there. I remember my cousin saying she really liked the school. Flashback to 2016, I was happy to see they were still open. And still in the very same location at the heart of Ortigas Center. And this time, Rain and I were there to check out the place.

        Although I'm okay with Rain's current school, the main reason why I chose it is because it's so near from our house. But honestly speaking, if I had checked The SchoolRoom a year ago I would have really considered enrolling her there. And I will show you why.

Painting with teacher

        What's nice about the school is that they offer programs that are developmentally appropriate. Their every day activities are experiential. Giving the kids hands-on experience each time.

The SchoolRoom

        This is why when you look at their classrooms, you can see that it's not your normal traditional school set up. It looks more like a day care center, with different areas for different activities. This keeps the kids on their feet, makes them explore, and makes them engage with each other.

library area
Library Area
        There's an area for reading, an area for sensory play, an area for role-play, an area for blocks, for art, and more. I'm sure the kids won't feel a dull moment inside the classroom.

writing area
Writing Area

sensory play
Sensory play Area
Art area
Art Area
The SchoolRoom
Dramatic Play Area

Painting with teacher

        The SchoolRoom embodies a representative approach on early childhood learning where kids get to exercise their critical thinking by way of playing and by project-based activities.

The SchoolRoom

        All the teachers have one goal in mind: To make the child love learning. To do this, they make activities for the kids that provide meaningful experiences. Experiences that are geared towards developing the child's physical, cognitive, social, emotional, language and literacy, and sensory & motor development. In The SchoolRoom, little ones don't feel like they're learning. And that's how I feel learning should be. 

The SchoolRoom

        One concern that parents usually overlook when looking for the right school is the teacher to student ratio. If there are a lot more students than teachers, chances are they won't be able to really focus on every child's needs. That's why The SchoolRoom has a strict teacher student ratio. To make sure they can closely monitor the development and personalities of each child. Making each child feel special and not neglected or taken for granted. 

The SchoolRoom

        That's why you can tell that their concern is really geared more towards the development of the child rather than the profit they will get if they accept plenty students.  For infant toddler class, they have a maximum of 8 students to 2 teachers. For nursery and pre-kinder, maximum of 12 students to 2 teachers. For kinder, 10 students to 1 teacher. This way, teachers also get to give parents a more accurate progress report. Teachers update the parents by having bi-monthly journals, newsletters, and quarterly reports so the parents know how their child has progressed. 

The SchoolRoom

        I fell in love with the school even more when I learned that they have made efforts in making this school BULLY-PROOF. I hate bullies. I feel it's an issue that has to be taken seriously at all times. To do this, the teachers promote a community of helping hands. They show the importance of having a caring, loving, nurturing, and emphatic attitude inside and outside the classroom. Another way is by positive discipline. There's no shaming or scolding in this school. If a child does something like push a classmate for example, the teacher focuses on the action instead of the child. The teacher makes the child realize how he hurt the classmate that he pushed. This way the child will reflect back on how he made his classmate feel, thus empathizing with the classmate that he hurt. So of course, he will feel the need to sincerely apologize. And not just say "sorry" because it's what you automatically need to say. It's making the child understand emotionally why he should not do it again. 

Puppet dolls

        This is only just a few of the many reasons why The SchoolRoom is a very good option as your child's pre-school. Because with The SchoolRoom, it's not a matter of memorizing things from textbooks. The SchoolRoom's approach to teaching is perfect for little ones because it will not overwhelm them. It's progressive and *DAP-forward learning approach. It means it is adjusted based on the child's own mental, physical, cognitive, emotional growth.  (*Developmentally Appropriate Practices). 

Children singing
Singing time in the Circle Area
        I was so happy watching Rain look so focused on the teachers, not because she has to but because she's really captivated by the activities. And her trial class experience there really got stuck in her mind. For days after her trial class, she kept asking me when I'll be taking her back to "the new school". You can tell that's a good sign that she really enjoyed it! 

        You can learn more about The SchoolRoom by visiting, or you can visit the school and see for yourself.

The SchoolRoom
AIC Gold Tower
Unit 06 Sapphire Road
Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Like them on Facebook: TheSchoolRoom


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