Monday, May 2, 2016

Pastry Armoire's New Sticky Buns Flavors and their Mother's Day Promo!

        It's Mother's Day Month! (You get what I mean). And if you're a first time mom like I was 4 years ago, you would have that exciting feeling in your stomach as you realize how big of a deal being a mom really is. IT'S HARD! And celebrating your first Mother's Day will make you say "Heck yeah! It's my day! I'm expecting my special treatment any minute now!" Haha!

Pastry Armoire

        And so we really appreciate it when delicious establishments whip up a special promotion for moms on Mother's Day! Pastry Armoire, a delicious little shop  in BF Homes, has 4 new sticky buns flavors this year, just in time for a Mother's Day Promotion!