Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Nice Affordable IP Camera! The VisorPlus Owl! (Updated with Tech Issue)

<<<UPDATE as of Oct 6, 2016: A few weeks ago, users have been commenting on this blog post reporting a tech issue wherein the IP camera could only be accessed when their mobile phones are connected to the same wifi connection as the camera. Meaning it did not work when the user is out of the house using a different internet connection, which defeats the purpose of having an IP camera at home. According to another comment, Kimstore said there was a server problem and didn't know when it will be fixed. It was really working great with me until the issue started. So there. Just thought you all need to know before you buy. Hoping the issue will be fixed soon! But feel free to continue reading my experience with it before the issue started:)  >>>

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VisorPlus Owl

        It seemed only yesterday when having a CCTV at home was something expensive to have. But unfortunately with today's busy schedule, especially us parents, having an eye at home is something we all need. But now, with a very affordable price giving you good basic functions, it's possible to keep an eye at home while you go out and do errands and stuff. Check out the VisorPlus Owl