Monday, August 8, 2016

Lady's Choice' New Roast Beef Spread and Chicken BBQ Spread! #ChickenorBeef

        We all know that Lady's Choice has lots of different sandwich spread flavors on the market. And everything sounds delicious! But I became more excited when I heard about their newest range spreads!  The Roast Beef Spread and Chicken Barbeque Spread! This is just the type of flavor my husband loves! I can already imagine the number of different sandwich recipes people can do with it!

 Lady's Choice Chicken BBQ

        Because of its meaty taste, it's so easy to make such a simple sandwich but with such rich and filling flavor! Perfect to baon for your kids! I can't contain my excitement because as a mom who doesn't know how to cook, I appreciate easy-to-do recipes like this!

Lady's Choice Roast Beef Sandwich

        Because we had some croissant at home, I decided to do a little experiment, first with the Lady's Choice Roast Beef Spread. A super easy sandwich that you can make in 3 steps! You can really smell the BBQ aroma as soon as you open the jar.

Croissant Sandwich

So first, after you slice open the croissant, spread the Roast Beef spread. Be as generous as you like.

Lady's Choice Croissant Sandwich

Then add a leaf of lettuce.

Lady's Choice Croissant Sandwich

Close, and serve!

Lady's Choice Roast Beef Spread

        To me it wasn't lacking in flavor even if there were no meat in the sandwich because the meaty taste of the spread already compensates for that. The lettuce adds a nice crunch with every bite!

Lady's Choice Chicken BBQ Sandwich

        Next I tried the Chicken BBQ Spread! You can really get a whiff of that BBQ aroma as soon as you open the jar.

Lady's Choice Sandwich

So this time using normal sliced bread, 3 slices of cheese, and some Chicken BBQ Spread.

roast beef spread

And I made one more again using Roast Beef spread

Lady's Choice Chicken BBQ Sandwich

Sometimes happiness comes from the simplest things!

making a lunch box

Using a flower sandwich cutter, I asked Rain to help me make her sandwich flower for baon!

Mom and daughter bonding

But apparently..

Lady's Choice Roast Beef spread

Someone couldn't resist taking a bite already!

Mom and daughter bonding

New Chicken BBQ and Roast Beef spread approved by Rain!

Lady's Choice Sandwich

Our simple yet delicious finished product!

Lady's Choice Sandwiches

        I can definitely imagine that we'll have lots of fun trying out different recipes! On my next attempt, I will try something more complicated. But I'm sure with these 2 delicious new flavors, it will be no sweat! Wish me luck!

        Follow Lady's Choice on Facebook for delicious recipes using the Roast Beef Spread and the Chicken BBQ Spread! #ChickenorBeef 


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