Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lady's Choice New Flavors Gets Two Thumbs Up from Rainbow!

Lady's Choice New Flavors

        Before Lady's Choice Chicken BBQ Sandwich Spread and Roastbeef, all my little Rain knew how to eat was egg. Ranging from a "wide" variety of fried egg, fried egg with rice, fried egg with rice and ketchup, to soft boiled egg. She loves bread too but not as much as eggs. But because we recently tried and instantly loved Lady's Choice's new flavors, we finally were able to add another item on Rain's list of favorite food. Lady's Choice's new flavors get 2 thumbs up from Rainbow's little kitchen!

        Sometimes she takes it with her to school as baon, but sometimes its also her after school merienda.

Lady's Choice New Flavors

        Because the new flavors are extra special, you can make tons of sandwich recipes with it. Like making a Hawaiian BBQ Sandwich with the Chicken BBQ spread flavor, to scrumptious roast beef sandwiches with the roast beef flavor.

Lady's Choice New Flavors

        I know I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The spread is so tasty that you can make a meatless sandwich and the taste of the spread will compensate for the absence of the meat. Really! This also cuts your preparation time in more than half.  Perfect for busy mommies!

Lady's Choice New Flavors

        It's a relief to think that we can make a quick but and delicious and filling snack for my hard-working school girl. Thanks to Lady's Choice Sandwich Spreads. Thank you Lady's Choice for making mothers' lives easier!

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