Sunday, October 2, 2016

Super Easy Hawaiian Chicken BBQ Sandwich Recipe

Hawaiian BBQ Sandwich

        What do you do when you have bread, chicken fillet, barbecue marinade, cheese, and lettuce at home? Easy. You make a Hawaiian Chicken BBQ Sandwich. But what do you do when you also have Lady's Choice's new Chicken BBQ  Spread? Make an AWESOME Hawaiian Chicken BBQ Sandwich!

Hawaiian BBQ Sandwich

        This recipe is not even a real recipe because it's so easy to make! Trust me. I don't cook. It's just putting things together and before you realize it, you've created this amazing big sandwich that can fill you up for the whole day!

Chicken BBQ fillet

        For this sandwich, I used chicken thigh fillet which I marinated (fine, our helper marinated and cooked) with barbecue marinade, and then fried. For a healthier option, grill this bad boy! Next, I cut the chicken fillet in strips. Juicy!

Lady's Choice Chicken BBQ spread

        For the bread, I used ciabatta. But it's really up to you whatever type of bread you want to use.

        Okay this next step is crucial. Smother the bread with a good serving of Lady's Choice Chicken BBQ Spread. It's one of Lady's Choice's newest flavors. (The other one is Roast Beef Spread which is also fantastic) So just smother a thick layer in there. This definitely packs a smokey chicken BBQ taste that's why it really goes well with this recipe. Use a lot! The thicker, the messier, the better! Don't you just love messy sandwiches?!?

Hawaiian BBQ Sandwich

Then it's time to make the chicken strips lay down on this beautiful bread bed.

Hawaiian BBQ Sandwich

        Add pineapple slices! Actually I just realized it would have been even more awesome if I quickly cooked the pineapple on the same pan where we cooked the chicken. I'll definitely do that next time!Then add slices of cheese, a leaf or two of lettuce for that added crunch, and....

Hawaiian BBQ Sandwich


Hawaiian BBQ Sandwich

        This is a really quick and healthy heavy snack to make for the family. For your hungry kids when they come home from school, or for your hungry husband who has just spent gruelling time in traffic on his way home. It's quick, healthy, and delicious!

Hawaiian BBQ Sandwich

        This is just one of the many sandwich recipes you can make using Lady's Choice Chicken BBQ Spread or Roast Beef Spread. Because they already pack strong delicious flavors, it's fun to play around with it, or you can just use it alone with bread and it'll still be super flavorful. You really can't go wrong with it!

        For more delicious and easy recipes, follow Lady's Choice Philippines on Facebook! Enjoy! And let me know which flavor you like better: #ChickenorBeef ? Or both? ;-)

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