Friday, October 28, 2016

The New Safeguard Pure Body Wash!

Safeguard Bodywash

        It seems like only yesterday when I always needed to bring her stroller every time we would go out of the house. She would just sit patiently on her stroller all day, enjoying the scenery, or watching the people pass by. In a way, it was much easier then because I didn’t have to worry about her running off too far, or touching something dirty.

        And now she’s 5 years old. We don’t need to bring her stroller anymore whenever we go out. She’s free to roam around (with supervision of course), which increases her chances of getting contact with unwanted germs. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a germophobe. I want her to learn by exploring and getting messy because I believe that’s the fun way of doing it. And in doing so, us moms definitely have to have some sort of weapon to protect them from getting viruses, germs, but at the same time is safe to use for the whole family.

And this is why I’m glad to know that Safeguard now has the Safeguard Pure Body Wash!

Safeguard Bodywash

        Safeguard Pure White Body Wash is the next level germ protection for the whole family. Given the fact that it’s Safeguard, we already know that it kills 99.9% of germs. (Thank you Safeguard!) And not only does it help protect us from contact with germs and viruses, it’s also super gentle on the skin. This is because it has the same pH level as water. This saves us from buying different types of soap for each member of the family because it’s safe for everyone!

Safeguard Bodywash

And because it’s in liquid form, it’s really more hygienic than using a bar of soap.

Safeguard Bodywash

        We all had a pleasant shower experience with Safeguard Pure Body Wash. It’s quite rich, which creates a thick bubbly lather, surrounding you with its fresh and clean scent! It’s easy to rinse off too! It’s really a pleasant feeling stepping out of the shower feeling squeaky clean, skin feeling smooth and smelling Safeguard-y fresh! 

To learn more, visit 

Disclaimer: Although this post is in partnership with Safeguard, all opinions and reviews are my own.


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