Saturday, November 19, 2016

#MyPeaceOfMind Restored with PLDT Home

        It’s not everyday that I get to go out just to relax, especially during events. So when ever there is an event where I get to just sit back and share personal experiences and learn from other moms as well, I really appreciate it. One such event is when we went to Stacy’s BGC for a Mommy’s Day Out to discuss gadgets that will help me have #MyPeaceOfMind

Friday, November 4, 2016

Mommy-hack: Wake up my girl with Dutch Mill Delight! Perfect Morning Trick!

Dutch Mill Delight

        Mornings are hard. Especially for a little toddler who needs to get up early in preparation for school. There are different tips and tricks that I do to get her off the bed. There’s playing her favorite cartoons, announcing that her favorite breakfast is ready, and, there’s another new trick that I discovered lately that works pretty well! Dutch Mill Delight! Her new favorite drink!

        Luckily for us parents, not only is the taste kid-friendly, but it has tons and tons of benefits it has to take care of her little tummy! Talk about yummy and healthy!

Dutch Mill Delight

        Dutch Mill is the 2nd generation drink that has prebiotic fiber and probiotic.  It’s got “good bacteria” known as Lacotobacillus Paracasei. But what’s more important for me is it’s “+Prebiotic fiber”!  This is the first Probiotic drink in the Philippines that has Pre + Pro!  It’s awesome because the two together is stronger and after Rain liked it so much I look it up to learn that it helps do the following:

• Helps improve digestive system.
• Helps intestines’ quickly absorb nutrients in the body.
• Helps normalize your digestive system (constipated no more!)
• Helps reduce cholesterol and boost Vitamin B and Folate.
• Helps reduce the chances of getting colorectal cancer.

I can safely say that these are more than enough reasons for us to take care of our tummies by drinking Dutch Mill Delight! But let me surprise you by saying “…But wait! There’s more!” (infomercial style)

Dutch Mill Delight

        What’s even more special about Dutch Mill Delight is that it has the special DUO ACTIVE combo of prebiotics and + probiotics fiber, which makes the good bacteria live longer! It gives you better digestion, a healthier tummy, and stronger probiotic. But what is Prebiotic fiber anyway?

        Probiotics are live good microorganisms that help balance out the bad stuff in your digestive track. Simply put, stronger probiotic means healthier tummy!
And when Probiotic is combined with Prebiotic Fiber (Pro + Pre = Duo Active), the prebiotic fiber multiplies, hence it becomes stronger. Like Gremlins getting wet (90s kids will know what I’m talking about. But maybe let’s replace Gremlins with Gizmo, the good cute and cuddly guy!)
Dutch Mill Delight is really yummy for both me and my daughter as you can really taste the richer milk. Having Pre + Pro probably makes the milk more rich! The right blend of sweet and sour taste that is kid-palette friendly helps to wake her up nicely. Oh, and the milk is non-fat. Need we say more?

        Each Dutch Mill Delight bottle is 100 ml. You can buy them at leading supermarkets in Luzon by packs of 5, or per piece (8 PHP SRP)

Dutch Mill Delight

So introduce your little ones to Dutch Mill Delight and give them another thing to look forward to every morning! Happy tummy, happy family!