Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Collective Memories with GENERATION V(IA) : Via Venetto

        Remember those times when you were young and you just can't wait to be in your mom's shoes... literally? I'm sure at one point in our childhood, we all love playing dress-up, hoping and wishing we were old enough to dress like our moms and not have any curfew. 

        Most of us Filipinas possess a collective memory of playing dress-up when we were young. I used to wear mo mom's dresses and heels, and wear her string of pearls. Even if what I had put on didn't really match, there are few things that can make a girl feel as fabulous, glamorous, and just plain and simply feel pretty as a stylish pair of shoes. And currently, my daughter has countlessly tried to wear one of my heels. One time we went window shopping and she actually removed her shoes to try on one of the shoes for sale on the shelf. Good thing I saw her before she took her first few steps with it haha!

        At Via Venetto, countless girls have seen themselves grow into sophisticated women. For more than 43 years, Via Venetto has offered shoes that are a perfect fit (physically and stylishly) for women of any age and generation. Their wide range of beautifully crafted, elegant, and comfortable footwear, has captivated the hearts of stylish women for years. They carry designs that cater to the young, current, and modern Filipina, as well as simple yet classic designs that remain timeless.

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Swipe-A-Thon Challenge with Unionbank Visa and Cebu Pacific GetGo!

Swipe-a-thon challenge at Landers Otis

        Have you ever watched those contests on TV where you get to raid a supermarket, get anything you want for a certain time limit? And I’m sure, like me, it was always a dream to be able to join those shopping contests.  Thinking “if that were me, I would get this and that first.” Well, my dream just came true! Last November 22nd was the most exciting shopping experience I’ve had in my life!  UnionBank and Cebu Pacific GetGo treated me along with 4 other lovely ladies (including celebrities Suzi Entrata and Bettina Carlos) to an amazing SWIPE-A-THON Challenge! At the new Landers Supermarket in Otis! Nothing could be more awesome!