Thursday, April 27, 2017

My Love Affair with Laneige, Sparked By Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo!

Laneige Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

        For those that I'm friends with on Facebook, I apologize for flooding your notifications with all my Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo related posts. But I'm recently head-over-heels with this Korean drama. I have to admit I didn't like it when I first watched the first few episodes because I thought it was so shallow. I was even questioning (my fellow mommy blogger, and my K-Drama guru) if it was really a nice drama to watch. But after I finished the last episode, I strangely felt like I wanted to watch it again. Like I missed the characters already. And that's the beauty of WLFKBJ. It's a light - feel- good K Drama, with characters that grow on you. (Thank you Glaiza for convincing me! Hahaha!)

        It's been weeks since I first watched it. And up until now, I watch it. Every. Single. Night. I fell in love with the chemistry of the lead couple, and I especially started to really like the character Kim Bok Joo played by model/actress/singer Lee Sung Kyung. I think she's such a talented and fun person! And because of her make up scenes in the drama using Laneige, I got more curious about the brand. More so ever since I found out she was a Laneige endorser as well, along with long time endorser of Laneige Song Hye Kyo, my girl crush since the Korean drama Full House, and the lead actress of Descendants of the Sun. They both have really beautiful skin and I was thinking maybe it only works with Korean skin. I was wrong. Laneige is perfect for Asian skin in general!

        When I hear the brand name Laneige, one fellow blogger comes to mind immediately. I knew that there was one person I could talk to regarding this brand. And that's Rowena of the well-known ! (Thank you for the tips Rowena, mu Laneige guru! You're always on point!) She has been a firm believer of Laneige eversince. And it shows! You've seen her skin, right? She's a living testament! And so I started asking her if she has tried the Laneige Waterbank Moisturizer, the one Sung Kyung was seen using in WLFKBJ.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Progressive Education For Today’s World

        Because of a certain school-related experience, I had learned the hard way that not all schools are fit for each children. And something that my cousin in law told me when I was feeling down really stuck to me. That "sometimes it's about finding the right school for your child." It's not the name, the size, facilities, the tuition, or how famous the school is. It's finding the right school with teachers that you know really cares for your child. And has the most fun and interesting approach in learning.  Like in Rain's case, she easily gets bored with the traditional approach. As soon as she sees a text book, she immediately feels listless. Rain is a very energetic girl who loves to draw, dance, sing, and of course, play. As all kids do. Personally I feel she needs to be in a non-traditional school. That's why I looked into the progressive education approach. And I immediately felt that this is more her speed.

        So I would like to share with you an informative article about non-traditional education, and hopefully this will help moms out there who are also keen in finding the right school for your child:

Progressive Education For Today’s World

        Whether in a literary or purely biological sense, human beings are born to discover. As infants, we are curious beings who want to touch, smell, hear, and taste everything around us. As we grow older, this inborn hunger for knowledge is channeled by educational institutions that fill our minds with a storage-full of information, including complex equations, formulas, important historical dates, and scientific facts.  Unfortunately, this data is often merely stored and not fully understood. Indeed, numerous studies have shown that years of learning through rote memorization and repetitive instruction is one of the main reasons why people lose their spark of curiosity. By focusing too much on what we learn, and not why and how we learn it, even our creative thinking can become inhibited.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter-iffic Adventure Under the Sea at F1 Hotel Manila!

        Staying at F1 Hotel Manila is always a pleasure because of their warm welcome and good customer service! For this Holy Week, we got the chance to have a relaxing staycation yet again at the heart of BGC. And this time they welcomed us by adding some fun elements for Rain as we walked into our room!

F1 Hotel Manila
Our bed! With Anna, Elsa, and a Storm Trooper waiting for Rain on the bed ;)

        As I just mentioned, F1 Hotel Manila is smack in the heart of BGC. It's just a few steps away from S&R, and Mercury Drug store, Central Square and BGC high Street. I know I've said it before and I'll say it again that F1 Hotel Manila is one of the hotels in the Metro with the best and convenient location!