Thursday, April 27, 2017

My Love Affair with Laneige, Sparked By Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo!

Laneige Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

        For those that I'm friends with on Facebook, I apologize for flooding your notifications with all my Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo related posts. But I'm recently head-over-heels with this Korean drama. I have to admit I didn't like it when I first watched the first few episodes because I thought it was so shallow. I was even questioning (my fellow mommy blogger, and my K-Drama guru) if it was really a nice drama to watch. But after I finished the last episode, I strangely felt like I wanted to watch it again. Like I missed the characters already. And that's the beauty of WLFKBJ. It's a light - feel- good K Drama, with characters that grow on you. (Thank you Glaiza for convincing me! Hahaha!)

        It's been weeks since I first watched it. And up until now, I watch it. Every. Single. Night. I fell in love with the chemistry of the lead couple, and I especially started to really like the character Kim Bok Joo played by model/actress/singer Lee Sung Kyung. I think she's such a talented and fun person! And because of her make up scenes in the drama using Laneige, I got more curious about the brand. More so ever since I found out she was a Laneige endorser as well, along with long time endorser of Laneige Song Hye Kyo, my girl crush since the Korean drama Full House, and the lead actress of Descendants of the Sun. They both have really beautiful skin and I was thinking maybe it only works with Korean skin. I was wrong. Laneige is perfect for Asian skin in general!

        When I hear the brand name Laneige, one fellow blogger comes to mind immediately. I knew that there was one person I could talk to regarding this brand. And that's Rowena of the well-known ! (Thank you for the tips Rowena, mu Laneige guru! You're always on point!) She has been a firm believer of Laneige eversince. And it shows! You've seen her skin, right? She's a living testament! And so I started asking her if she has tried the Laneige Waterbank Moisturizer, the one Sung Kyung was seen using in WLFKBJ.

         And as expected, Rowena had nothing but praises for each Laneige product. She says she has not tried any Laneige product that she didn't like. Of course I believed her. But there was only one way to find out. Try it for myself and see if it's right for my skin.

        So I went to SM Aura to buy my first ever Laneige product. According to Andrea, the very nice and very knowledgeable Laneige sales lady, that the Waterbank Gel Cream (P1,750) is best for oily skin, which I have. So I went ahead and got that. I think this was my first time to get starstruck with a skin care jar haha!

        I really love the consistency! Unlike other moisturizers, this Gel-type cream feels cool and light on the skin, almost water-like. Hence the line's name. While it cools down your skin, it supplies ample moisture that your skin needs. It reacts to excess sebum to keep skin shine-free. I also love that it comes with a small spatula so you won't have to dip your finger inside the whole jar, keeping the gel dirt-free. 

        But I guess the question is, is it hiyang with my skin? And my answer is a big resounding YES. I've been using this for maybe a month now, and I have never had the usual big break out that I used to always have. And when I do feel a pimple coming, it doesn't get big, and tones down right away. Seriously! (Jjin jja!) Even with all the 8 Laneige products included in my current Laneige skin regimen. I really believe all of them really work together to give my skin just the right amount of natural moisture. Rowena is right when she says that even if Laneige products are on the expensive side, it's really a great investment because it's for your skin. And you know how big a difference it makes to have beautiful skin! No amount of make-up can make up for that.

        Of course if you've watched WLFKBJ, you have also noticed the famous Laneige 2-tone lip bar (P1,200) that her father gave her as a present. It's that red and white lipstick. You can't miss it when you watch it. Naturally, I also wanted to try it! At first I didn't get the 2-tone factor. I don't really know a whole bunch about beauty products. I don't wear make up aside from powder and a simple lipstick. So I googled it, and got amazed with what that 2-tone effect can actually do:

        Amazing gradient effect! Okay I really had to get me one! 

Using Laneige 2 tone Lip Bar No. 1 Magenta Muse

        Since the exact shade that Kim Bok Joo was using was out of stock (it's ALWAYS out of stock. It's their best seller, thanks to Kim Bok Joo), I first got the No. 1 Magenta Muse. I love the color! It's hard to see but the outer part of my is a light shade of orange.

        But of course I still had to get the No. 4 Milk Blurring tone, not just because of Bok Joo, but I actually liked the color!

So imagine my excitement when one day:


Me: (about to leave) By chance meron na ba kayong Milk Blurring?
Andrea: Meron po. 3 stocks nalang.
Me: WHAAAAAAAT?!?!?!??!?!


        It really was in stock! I shrieked with joy! I was so used to them telling me they don't have it in stock yet. So I literally screamed! Good thing I was the only customer at that time. And just like that, it was my first time to get starstruck with a lipstick! Hahaha!

Laneige 2 tone Lip Bar No. 1 Milk Blurring
         Tadaaaa! I'd like to think the shade it doesn't look bad on me :-) Walang kokontra! Bwahahaha! See the gradient effect? (Disclaimer: I used a bit of beauty effect on my skin in this photo because the of the blemishes from old pimples. But the important part is... NO PIMPLES!)

Laneige Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
My WLFKBJ Laneige set! :-)

        I was only planning to do a quick straight-to-the-point post but I got carried away haha! It happens when I'm really ecstatic about something. So there you go! The beginning of my love affair with Laneige, sparked by Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. I've become fond of trying more and more Laneige products and I will be posting them very soon!:

Laneige Skin care regimen

My Laneige basket is waiting (and growing!)! ;-)

PS: This post is not sponsored. All products were bought by me. I'm telling you, Laneige is becoming my luho! And it's so totally worth it! ;-) It's #SWAAAAAAAG!


  1. Ganda ng Milk Blurring on you. Parang gusto ko tuloy bumili. Hahahahahaaa as if kulang pa ako sa Laneige products XD

    1. Waaaaaah thank your Rowena! Idol!!! Ikaw kasi eh! Hahaha! Sayo din ako nagkainterest sa BB creams noon Hahahaha! (PS: nag practice din ako muna how to put on the lipstick para kitang kita yung gradient effect ;)

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  3. SWAAAAAAG! Why aren't we FB friends yet!!! Kim Book Joo the best!!!! <3

    1. SWAAAAAAAAG!!!! Bok Joo-yah!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  4. I also like this drama and I'm glad that the main characters are dating. I have not used any products of Laneige yet, but I will in the future.
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    1. Yeeeeees I'm so so so kilig and happy for them! I really wanted them to be together in real life hahaha!


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