Friday, June 23, 2017

Where Does our Used Water Go?

You wake-up in the morning, you do number 1, maybe even number 2. You flush, take a shower, brush your teeth, and thank God that your household has access to clean water.

But what we don’t normally think about is where all that used water goes.

We use up all this clean water in our everyday lives to clean ourselves and our households, but we don’t stop to think how much wastewater we create in a day.

A few days ago when I became aware of this thought, I honestly felt a sense of panic. It’s like realizing that you misunderstood the essay question when you’ve already passed your paper to your professor.

So where does all this wastewater go? Are we just constantly dumping all the dirty water back to Mother Earth? Eeewww… Are we already swimming in our own filth?

Maynilad Water Treatment Center

Thankfully Maynilad Water Services, Inc. (Maynilad) helped ease my slight panic by taking us for a tour of their Wastewater Management Plant in Paco, Manila. Aha! There is hope for the motherland!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Presenting SNOW Crystal White Tomato! It’s Your Natural Sunscreen!

Snow Crystal White Tomato

        Just when you thought they’ve already created all the effective skin care product one can think of, out comes another amazing product that’s sure to catch the attention of  ladies like me who want to achieve fair and smooth skin. Yes, looks like Vida NutriScience has done it again!

        From the success of Snow caps L-Glutahione capsule, to Snow Whitening Soap, and Snow Whitening Lotion, here comes SNOW CRYSTAL WHITE TOMATO! An amazing product that serves as your natural sunscreen!!!

        Based on the name itself, I bet you’re already as curious as I am. White Tomato?!? It’s certainly the first time I heard the word “tomato” in a skin care product.