Friday, July 28, 2017

Marian Rivera-Dantes is the Perfect Endorser for Snow Crystal White Tomato

        I've always admired Marian Rivera-Dantes' beauty. She's got that delicate beauty and petite body that makes her the ideal beauty goal of many. And I know we can all agree that her career as an actress did not come about just because of her looks. She is really a talented versatile actress that can easily do drama to action to comedy in a snap.  From acting , to hosting, and now to being a wife and a mother, she has become one of the Philippines' most admired actress.

Marian Rivera-Dantes, Erik Armigos, Vida Nutriscience

        But aside for her remarkable beauty and talent, more importantly, is her undeniable confidence that makes her even more exquisite. And this is precisely why Vida Nutriscience believed that Marian Rivera-Dantes would be the perfect endorser for Snow's new product: Snow Crystal White Tomato. It's the new gold standard in whitening and anti-aging.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Destination: ISDAAN Floating Restaurant!!!

Isdaan Floating Restaurant

        We've been traveling to the north every summer ever since I could remember. My family's province is in Bangued, Abra, then we later transfered to San Fernando La Union. And before all the EXes were built (SCTEX, TPLEX), I remember always passing by this restaurant in Tarlac with huge statues out front and have always wanted to try it. But we always used to ride the public bus so we couldn't really stop over. But as soon as we were already using our own car, we did finally get to go and I remember being in awe at how fun the whole place was. Filled with lagoons and huge amazing statues. it kinda made you feel like you were in a theme park!

        Years later, we came back. This time, in their Nueva Ecija branch. And it was as fun as I remembered. In fact it was even more fun this time because Rain is already with us! Check out my quick video of our fun trip to Isdaan!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Via Venetto: The Perfect Shoe in Every Hue

        Have you ever experienced that time when you suddenly have to go somewhere and discover that you're a bit underdressed? I'm sure you have. Which is precisely why every woman wants to have that one perfect pair of shoes that she can use in all occasions. And it's pretty hard to find that one perfect pair.

        Thankfully I saw this ballet flats, ankle-strapped stilettos from Via Venetto and I honestly want to get!

The black one is perfect because the color goes with everything...

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Beauty and Wellness with MySlim and Miss Philippines Earth 2017!

MySlim and Miss Philippines Earth 2017

        With today's current environmental state, its good to know that a lot of efforts are being done left and right to save our home planet. A lot of businesses left and right are doing what they can to make a difference. And its nice to know that health products like MySlim is also supporting a major event that uses beauty to raise awareness on these serious environmental issues. Miss Philippines Earth 2017!

        Earlier today we were able to meet some of the lovely candidates of Miss Philippines Earth who proved that beauty is not only skin deep. That beauty and fitness and brains can all go together.