Sunday, July 9, 2017

Beauty and Wellness with MySlim and Miss Philippines Earth 2017!

MySlim and Miss Philippines Earth 2017

        With today's current environmental state, its good to know that a lot of efforts are being done left and right to save our home planet. A lot of businesses left and right are doing what they can to make a difference. And its nice to know that health products like MySlim is also supporting a major event that uses beauty to raise awareness on these serious environmental issues. Miss Philippines Earth 2017!

        Earlier today we were able to meet some of the lovely candidates of Miss Philippines Earth who proved that beauty is not only skin deep. That beauty and fitness and brains can all go together.

MySlim and Miss Philippines Earth 2017

        The candidates explained that achieving fitness doesn't mean you have to go through scary medical shortcuts to lose fat. Staying fit involves eating right (not those super duper diet meals but a healthy balanced diet) and regular exercise. And of course with the aid of a natural and safe slimming product like MySlim.


        MySlim Yerba Mate is a safe and natural, plant derived detoxification agent that helps reduce fat absorption and helps the body burn yucky fat , and only the yucky fat. It does not shed muscle mass. What's more, MySlim has Carnipure and Palatinose which when combined with Yerba Mate results to a metallic booster that helps boost energy and physical performance, helping you maximize the benefits of exercise. With MySlim, you can be physically fit in a responsible way.

        There are tons of amazing benefits from drinking MySlim Yerba Mate. You can read my previous blog post to learn more.

MySlim and Miss Philippines Earth 2017

        Just as Miss Earth stands for beauty with a purpose, Vida Nutriscience firmly believes in providing a slimming solution with a purpose. Because beauty and wellness should definitely go together. To Vida Nutriscience Inc...  you rock!!!
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MySlim and Miss Philippines Earth 2017MySlim and Miss Philippines Earth 2017

Selfie with the girls!

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