Friday, July 28, 2017

Marian Rivera-Dantes is the Perfect Endorser for Snow Crystal White Tomato

        I've always admired Marian Rivera-Dantes' beauty. She's got that delicate beauty and petite body that makes her the ideal beauty goal of many. And I know we can all agree that her career as an actress did not come about just because of her looks. She is really a talented versatile actress that can easily do drama to action to comedy in a snap.  From acting , to hosting, and now to being a wife and a mother, she has become one of the Philippines' most admired actress.

Marian Rivera-Dantes, Erik Armigos, Vida Nutriscience

        But aside for her remarkable beauty and talent, more importantly, is her undeniable confidence that makes her even more exquisite. And this is precisely why Vida Nutriscience believed that Marian Rivera-Dantes would be the perfect endorser for Snow's new product: Snow Crystal White Tomato. It's the new gold standard in whitening and anti-aging.

Marian Rivera-Dantes

        I know what you're probably thinking. "But Marian's skin has already been naturally fair and beautiful." Fact is, Snow Crystal White Tomato is not just about whitening. it goes way beyond that. As Marian said during the exclusive media event last July 27, it's not just about getting whiter skin. Before she accepted the endorsement, she first made sure that she was endorsing in a product that she believed it. So she tried the product first, and obviously, she loved it.

Marian Rivera-Dantes

        What she loved about Snow Crystal White Tomato is how it gives protection against darkening and also from damage caused by exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. So it's kind of like your natural sun screen. (And we all know how UV rays is our skin's worst enemy).

        This is because Snow Crystal White Tomato contains 800mg of PhytoflORAL which acts as a natural sunscreen, inhibits melanin synthesis, has an anti-oxidant and anti-inflamatory effect, and helps reduce existing melanin. Aside from PhytoflORAL, it also has 500mg of Kohjin Glutathione which removes free radicals from the body, brightens skin and helps even out skin tone. And on top of that, it has 10 mg of Bioperine which helps enhance the absorption of all the other nutrients and also helps boost the 2 main ingredients by at least 30% more.

        So of course, when you take something that helps keep your skin healthy, you don't just gain glowing beautiful skin, but more importantly, you gain the confidence of a Queen!

Marian Rivera-Dantes, Erik Armigos, Vida Nutriscience

        As the event closes, I found Marian's positive personality and confidence to be quite infectious.  Indeed, she is the perfect celebrity to endorse this amazing product. A product that gives people something to be confident about.  Kudos to Vida Nutriscience. You have chosen well!

Snow Crystal White Tomato

        Snow Crystal White Tomato is available in Mercury Drug, Watsons', and other leading drugstores nationwide. One box of 30 tablets is P2,985. One tablet a day. (Not for lactating and pregnant moms!) Also comes in soap bars!

Thank you for having us, Vida Nutriscience!


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