Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Via Venetto: The Perfect Shoe in Every Hue

        Have you ever experienced that time when you suddenly have to go somewhere and discover that you're a bit underdressed? I'm sure you have. Which is precisely why every woman wants to have that one perfect pair of shoes that she can use in all occasions. And it's pretty hard to find that one perfect pair.

        Thankfully I saw this ballet flats, ankle-strapped stilettos from Via Venetto and I honestly want to get!

The black one is perfect because the color goes with everything...

... but I also like this pearlish beige one ...

....and the rose goldish one! This is Via Venetto's newly launched line of shoes!

        One of the highlights of this collection is that each style comes in a variety of colors sure to make your outfits come to life.

        The wide combination of styles and colors means that every woman at every age can find their own perfect pair. Via Venetto shoes are extra special because every pair is handcrafted by local artisans trained in the art of shoemaking. These shoes are made with leather components imported from different parts of Europe, so you can be sure that each pair is not only stylish, but comfortable too!

        To find the perfect shoe in every hue, head down to a Via Venetto branch at any major shopping center or visit www.viavenetto-phil.com for more information.