Monday, November 27, 2017

3 Things I Like About LUKE Total Skin Solution

        If you're like me who's a late bloomer in trying out different skin care products from Korea, then you will be thrilled to find out that another Korean skincare brand has hit the shelves of our favorite superstores. LUKE Total Skin Solution!

LUKE Korea Total Skin Solution

        Opening my LUKE box made me feel like a kid opening a trick-or-treat loot bag. Just look at the variety of face mask, Nose strips, and eye patch! Happy happy joy joy! 

LUKE Korea Total Skin Solution, Korean Facial Mask

        The LUKE Essence Face Mask comes in 5 varieties: green tea, snail, Hyaluron, collagen, and aloe. 

LUKE Korea Total Skin Solution, Korean facial mask
Always hard to smile with a mask on

        Me trying the Hyaluron. I love how super cool it feels on my face! Sooooo relaxing! And how non-sticky it felt after I removed it.

LUKE Korea Total Skin Solution, Korean nose strip, Korean eye patch

        The LUKE Cleansing Nose Strip and the LUKE Hydrogel Eye Patch come in these colorful boxes. One box contains 5 pieces which I think is pretty awesome!

LUKE Korea Total Skin Solution, LUKE eye patch

        I was excited to try the eyepatch. These patches are cool gel pads so these are really a treat for the eyes! There's a patch for wrinkles, for dark circles, and for puffiness. 

LUKE eyepatch LUKE eyepatch
LUKE eyepatch LUKE eyepatch

Aaaaaaaaah that feels nice! A spa-like treatment for my eyebags! (You're welcome, eye bags!)

LUKE Korea Total Skin Solution, LUKE nose strip

        I feel like I should apologize to the LUKE Cleansing Nose Strip because I underestimated it. Actually, not just this brand in particular, but all other nose strips. I remember buying my first nose strip many years ago when it first came out on the market. And I don't know, maybe I didn't put it on right, but the first time I used one, it didn't really pull anything out of my nose. I may as well just slapped scotch tape on my nose. So after that, I stopped trying them. So I wasn't as ecstatic about this one. 

        Boy, was I wrong!

LUKE Korea Total Skin Solution, nose strip

        If I could only show you the yucky whiteheads sticking out of the strip as I pulled it off of my nose, I would. (I actually took a photo of it, but it's just too gross to post here hahaha!) Just take my word for it when I say it pulled out A LOT!!!! And I didn't even think I had that much on my nose! It was really gross, which makes it really cool to know it works that well! Just remember to pull quickly like a band-aid. My style is pulling it in 3 super quick tugs. I will not lie. It will hurt, but it's so worth it! It will hurt more if you do it slowly plus I think it will be more effective when you pull it quickly.

        The LUKE Cleansing Nose Strip comes in 3 variants: Charcoal, Lemon Tea, and Mugwort.

LUKE Korea Total Skin Solution, nose strip
Thumbs up for LUKESkinPH!

So, 3 things I like about LUKE Total Skin Care is:

1.) How it uses only natural ingredients
2.) How you can give your skin a treat without breaking the bank. The essence face mask is P59.75 per piece. The cleansing nose strip is P189.75 for a box of 5 strips. And the Hydrogel eye patch is P199.75 for a box of 5 pairs of patches. 
3.) Good for all skin types!

Try it now! Your skin deserves a treat! ;-)

        LUKE Korea Total Skin Solution is currently available at Landmark Makati & Trinoma, Shopper's Mark, Allday Supermarket, KCC, LCC, Lopue's, Boramart, Puregold, Royal Duty Free, Gaisano Grand, and Fishermall. Coming soon at Robinson's Supermarket & Department store, and AFPCES.

Like LUKE on Facebook (LUKESkinPH) and follow them on Instagram (@LUKESkinPH)

안녕가세요! 다음에 봐요! Goodbye and see you next time! 💖💖💖


  1. Do the eye patch also ease eyebag puffiness? I hope it works like non surgical eye bag removal. :)

    1. Yes the purple one is for puffiness!:-) dunno about it being an eyebag removal but i'm sure you will see the difference with continued use ;)

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