Saturday, December 30, 2017

Danes Cheese Ball Now Part Of Our Holiday Tradition!

Danes Cheese Ball

        Every family has their own traditions every Christmas. My little family and I spend December 24 dinner with my side of the family, we have someone dress up as santa and give presents to the kids, then by 9pm we head over to my in law's house for more gift exchanging and more surprises from Santa!

        But when it comes to food, we do have our own traditions too! My mother in law always prepares steak and my sister in law always prepares these awesome baked potatoes! But since I don't cook hence have never hosted a Christmas Party before, my little family and I don't really have our own holiday food tradition... until now!

Danes Cheese Ball

        We have just tried Danes Cheese Balls. And it's good! It's creamy and very tasty! The type of cheese that kids will love. 

Danes Cheese Ball
        In fact, Rain has been munching on these for days. The same goes for me haha! They're so easy to slice too! Very creamy!

Danes Cheese Ball

        There's so many things you can cook with Danes Cheese Balls. From cheesy pastas to salads and ever savort dishes like Caldereta. Or use it as topping with your favorite kakanin! But trust me. Munching on these Danes cheese balls is already a treat in itself!

Danes Cheese Ball

        Danes Cheese Ball is available in all leading groceries and supermarkets. So it's not too late to buy and add them to your New Year's eve spread and create new family favorites. 
#HappyHoliDanes everyone! And have a blessed 2018!!!

Check out their awesome video here

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