Monday, February 5, 2018

Air Asia in Korea: My First Trip To Seoul!

Oh boy... Where do I even begin?

        Okay so a few years back, I got fond of watching a few Asian drama series. Starting with Taiwan's Meteor Garden (Jerry Yan is my boyfriend but he's not aware so don't tell him). And then moved on to South Korea's Princess Hours, Full House, and Coffee Prince. Which I all loved! After that, the next ones I watched did not really keep me interested enough to look for more dramas.

Until Goblin happened.

        After that, something inside me snapped. All of a sudden I got so interested not just in K-dramas but South Korea as a whole. This is when I started trying Korean skincare. And after discovering that Korean skincare worked well with my skin, the more I fell in love with Korea. Shallow? Maybe. But not when you finally found products that improve your skin! Skincare is life!

        And after trying their skin care, I also suddenly had the urge to learn Korean, and also learn how to read and write Hangul. I'm sure all K Drama addicts had the same urge to learn the language as me. I signed up for online Korean language modules and also watched YouTube videos.

        After Goblin, I also fell in love with Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. These are my 3 top favorites! So when the leading actors for Weightlifting Fairy and Strong Woman held their fan meet here in the Philippines, I grabbed the opportunity to see them in person <3 (And even got to high top with one of them <3 )

        All in all, I just started getting obsessed with Korean stuff. From food to skin care to dramas to music (specifically Drama soundtracks). But did I ever consider flying to South Korea?

My answer is a resounding HELL YES!

        And this is what this post is all about! My first trip to Seoul! I didn't think I would get to go soon so I was so ecstatic when my husband told me that it was finally pushing through!

Air Asia Philippines

        We flew to Incheon South Korea via Air Asia. We checked in smoothly, and all staff was very friendly and helpful!

Air Asia kiosk

        They also have these kiosks where you can check yourself in. But since there were Visas involved, we needed to check in at the counter. But it was no hassle at all. It was very quick and organized.

Air Asia Philippines 

This is it!!! Just a few more minutes!

Air Asia Philippines

        Finally, it was time to board. We were first in line because we booked their Hot Seats. When you book Air Asia Hot Seats, you have the option to pick the A seat (which has more space to stretch out), or aisle seat, or window seat, or even just to pick a seat next to your family. On top of that, you get to be the first ones to board the plane. Cool! (See the photo? The seats with red covers are the hot seats)

        So if you ask me, the extra small charge to book Hot Seats is totally worth it! Especially if you're traveling with your little ones. (Charge depends on destination) But at the same time, if you don't pick A Seat,  you will still be allocated a seat number at check-in. So it's all good!

Air Asia Santan Meals

        Another thing that I love about Air Asia is their In-Flight meals. Presenting Air Asia's Santan Menu! These hot meals actually look and taste like they came from a restaurant. And the selection is delicious!

Air Asia Chicken Rice

        I had Uncle's Chin Chicken Rice. The slices of roast chicken are flavorful even without the special secret chili, ginger, and garlic sauce.

Air Asia Adobo Meal

Richie, Mr. Pickiest Eater, had the Pork Adobo. A Filipino favorite! Served with garlic rice too!

Air Asia Philippines

        Poor Rain was tired from waking up early and was so comfortable in the flight that she fell asleep and could not be bothered.

Air Asia Lasagna meal

        Fortunately for Richie and I, we ate her lasagna hahaha! It's one of our favorites from the menu. It's so cheesy and creamy! I would most probably order this again for our next future flights. You can view the rest of our flight's menu here. And all the other menus here.

Hello Seoul

After 4 hours of flying, we finally saw our destination. OMG this is it na talaga!!! ANNEYONGHASEYO SEOUL!!!!! YEPPUDA! So beautiful!

        And as I mentioned in my Instagram caption above, this flight was one of the smoothest landings I have experienced! Hats off to the captain!

So finally, WE ARRIVE!!!!

        I could not believe I was actually in South Korea! The thought that all the Korean drama actors and actresses that I really like are in the same soil as I was got me so excited! Even though I know there was a very very slim chance of me actually seeing them.

Winter in Seoul

        Also, I have always preferred going to countries that have 4 seasons because I wanted to experience winter again. The first steps we took getting out of the plane into the jet bridge, we instantly felt the piercing cold enveloping our bodies. We knew it was going to be cold but I was not expecting it to be that super cold! (NEGATIVE 13 to NEGATIVE 17 degrees!) So all the weeks I spent on planning ahead of what to wear, what to mix and match, all flew right out the window. It wasn't a matter of which-scarf-goes-with-which-coat anymore (as if I'm fashionable, to begin with). But it was a matter of keeping your heart beating as soon as you step outdoors! It was AWESOME!!!! <3

        So anyway, I could not wait to get started exploring Seoul! right after we settled our stuff, we started bracing the cold and explored. Truth is, more than the tourist spots, I was actually more excited to experience the normal everyday stuff I see them do in K-dramas.

Korean apartment lock

Simple silly things like stay in a Korean apartment with the passcode lock thingy...

food tent in Seoul

Eat in a food tent...

Korean instant ramen

Slurp Korean instant ramen


Eat samgyupsal

Fish cake

Eat fishcakes (hahahaha wa-poise! Screen shot from Richie's video so it's not so clear).

Banana milk and sausage

Drink the famous banana milk (super good!) and convenience store sausage (not so good)

commute in Seoul

Ride the bus

Seoul neighborhood

Walk around a traditional Korean neighborhood

Lotte World Adventure, Funny headbands

Selfie with silly headbands in a theme park

Nami Island Snow

And finally get to play in the snow! (It was my first time!)

Oh,  don't forget the Korean skincare! (Of course, in Korea, they only call it "skincare".
Ha ha ha. I'm so corny,) 

And most of all.... VISIT SHOOTING LOCATIONS OF MY FAVORITE K-DRAMAS!!!! (Making separate posts for each one!)

Goblin shooting location

Like Sunny's chicken restaurant in Goblin

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon shooting location

Do Bong Walnut Bakeshop in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

and last but DEFINITELY not least...

Bok Chicken, Weightlifting fairy shooting location

Visit Kim Bok Joo's house in Weightlifting Fairy King Bok Joo! 

        But of course, even if I only planned on doing normal daily stuff as opposed to visiting tourist places, we still did not pass the chance to do so!

Nami Island

        Thanks to KKDay's amazing list of local and authentic tours, we were able to play in the snow in Nami Island...

Garden of Morning Calm

We were able to visit the vast stunning Garden of Morning Calm...

Lotte World Adventure

        And be a kid again in Lotte World Adventure! (It's a huuuuuuge indoor theme park! And I mean HUGE! Think Glorietta Mall then imagine it's filled with awesome rides!)

Olleh Egg Wifi

        Not only that but KKDay is where I booked my Wifi Egg. Super fast internet connection and we were able to connect 3-4 devices at the same time. We picked it up at Incheon Airport Terminal 1 as soon as we arrived. It's near the exit so it's a convenient pick up. The best part is the price. I only paid around 800 PHP for 6 days! (If you find it hard to believe, click on this link to see for yourself). When we were back in our apartment, we used the house wifi and only used this Egg whenever we would go out. So I can't say for sure if it's unlimited, but we never experienced any slowness the whole time we were there using it. (Separate post for KKDay coming soon!)

Air Asia Philippines

        Before we knew it, it was time to fly back to Manila. Our flight was at 12:55 noon so we left the apartment around 9. We took the Airport bus going back to the airport (good thing there was an Airport bus station near where we stayed).  But because Incheon airport is HUGE.... and I got a bit lost as to where I was going to return the Egg Wifi, we arrived at our gate just a few minutes before boarding time. And again, our Air Asia flight was right on time!

Air Asia Philippines

        So needless to say, aside from the extreme cold which prompted us to wear not less than 3 layers + winter coat (5 layers + winter coat for Rain), it was a super memorable trip! In fact, I cannot wait to go back again!

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