Friday, March 30, 2018

Goblin Shooting Location: BBQ Premium Cafe

        While we were planning our trip to Seoul, we (okay fine....I,) originally wanted to go on KKDay's Goblin tour to visit all the memorable shooting sites of everyone's favorite Gong Yoo K-Drama, Goblin, The Lonely and Great God. But, as the date went closer, I thought about it and decided not to go anymore because some of the locations are pretty far, and among Richie, my 6-year-old daughter Rain, and I, I will be the only one who will appreciate visiting a far location to visit a beach dock, or visiting a wall or an overpass. So it was my choice to cancel, although with a heavy heart.

        So for the first 2 days, we traveled to Nami Island and Lotte World Adventure (Separate posts soon!). And both nights, on the way back, back to our AirBnB in Jongno area,  we would always pass by this 3-floor BBQ Premium Cafe place. Each time we would pass it, it was always night time. And we're usually too tired to really look at it, and because of the -17 degree temperature, coupled with a 6 year old always asking to be carried, we were always in a hurry to get home.

        Until I think it was the 3rd night when my husband said, "We should try this chicken place tomorrow". So then I looked at the place, and only then noticed that there was a tarpaulin standee outside of Goblin. With photos from some scenes in the drama.

Oh. my. goodness....

        I can't believe we have been passing by it this whole time! It's Sunny's Olive Chicken and beer restaurant! Where they shot a number of scenes in the drama! It was like winning an easter egg hunt without trying!

        Because it was so cold outside, I didn't (and forgot) to take a photo of the facade. But as soon as you enter, the Grim Reaper's floating hat is there to greet you!

Oh my goooosh! Confirmed!!! Lee Dong Wok was here!!!

That's Sunny's counter! 

        And this was the high table where most of their chit-chat scenes were taken! It was too bad that the crew was occupying the table to clean some stuff but it was okay. I couldn't complain! Also, the staff was super duper nice!

 Goblin and Grim Reaper's table 

Behind me, displayed on the wall, is Part-timer Eun Tak's work shirt. Kim Go Eun is so petite!

Close up the part-timer's work name tag

Sunny's counter. Here I am pretending to be Sunny. (Humor me!) 

I was happy that this table was vacant because I wanted to sit here. This table was captured on screen a lot especially in scenes where characters are standing outside. 

This is also the table where Sunny was sitting alone having soju before he accidentally discovered that the Grim Reaper was on stealth mode, stalking her.

My Goblin! Hahaha! I told him to go outside and pose the Grim Reaper looking in hehe.

In the corner you will see the self-zone sign wherein Sunny was telling the little boy that in life you cannot depend on Dieties. That you have to only depend on yourself.

Of course, the store made sure they have Goblin merchandise :-)

        Of course, we didn't go there just to take photos. I HAD to try their chicken! These golden brown babies are delicious with a dab of heat. Not too spicy. Just perfect! And it was also served with a side radish cubes which went really well with the chicken. I've always been curious whenever I would see Sunny munch on these.

        Their menu does not consist of only chicken. They had tons of other stuff but this pizza caught our attention. Unfortunately, I forgot to note what this was called because I was too starstruck with every corner of the store. Anyway the important part is it was good!

        Accidentally visiting this Goblin shooting location really was a pleasant surprise! I love that AirBnB location! <3 

        BBQ Premium Café  is located at Jongno District. And because of the crazy weather, I did not even thik about taking a photo of the facade and taking note of the directions of how to get there. Whenever I would bring out my hands, out of my pockets they would freeze. Even with gloves.

        Thankfully the world wide web was invented and I came across's BBQ Olive Chicken post. He noted the directions very carefully. Awesome! :

BBQ Olive Chicken Café 비비큐 프리미엄 카페
Cheonggyecheon 81) 11-5 Gwancheol-dong, Jongno District, Seoul, Korea (Near Jonggak Train Station)

        Planning another trip to South Korea in a few months and I would definitely go back here not just because it's a shooting site but because the food is actually good!

Thanks for reading through my 2nd Seoul post! You can read my introduction post here). Up next, when I find time again, I will post about another Goblin shooting location that I accidentally came across with. I really love Jongno District!

'Till next time! 다음에 또 봐! <3 <3 <3


  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing the story! I also love Goblin so much! Hope someday I could have chance to visit Korea and the filming locations from the drama.
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    1. Thank you for taking time to visit this post! When you go, you should definitely check out the place. It's so worth it since the food is also delicious! :-)


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