Saturday, April 28, 2018

Must-Haves from Shopee!

        Hello all! Here I am again! I thought it would be fun to do some window shopping in Shopee so I thought of all the things I would need as a work-from-home and hands-on Mom that I can find in Shopee. Here are a few finds that I believe are a must-have for moms like me! For almost everyone actually. Not just for moms haha! Check it out!

cable pouch

        We all know how much gadgets we have in our lives. Therefore we can never leave the house without bringing our charger cables and also our in-ear headphones. And most of the time, it gets tangled with something. Well that will no longer happen with these cute pouch! Big enough to fit your charger plus headphones, and maybe a few coins! They're easy to spot inside your bag too! I need this in my life! (Shopee link)

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Super Cute Finds! My Top 10 Shopee Item Wish List from Shopee!

        Okay so I was browsing through Shopee earlier and came across LOTS of items that I want to get my hands on! I may not really need them but I WANT THEM!!!

So if I may, I want to share with you my wish list from Shopee (in no particular order)!

1.) This pretty Toy Storage

        Because Rain has like 345694000000 toys, and always wants to dig them out and play with them, this toy organizer is something that we can really use. Plus look how pretty! (Shopee link here)

Earn As Much As 15K With the Shopee Suki Program!

        I bet everyone knows someone among their circle of friends who's a certified Shopee addict! I personally know 2 people in my circle! I mean how can you not love Shopee? It's one of the safest online shopping there not just because of the awesome items and super awesome prices... but because both sellers and buyers have security with their transactions. Shopee makes sure of that.  More on this awesome process later. But first!.....

We have excellent news for you! 

The Shopee Suki Program!

        Now you can earn cash rewards by simply referring a new customer to Shopee! Which I can imagine isn't hard to do at all. And for each Shopee order successfully completed by the new customers that you referred, YOU EARN A CASH REWARD!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Shooting Location: Dobong Walnut Bakery

Do Bong Walnut Bakery

        After watching Goblin for about 10 times, there were 2 other Korean dramas that I got addicted to. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (my most favorite, saving that for last!) and JTBC's Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I thought it was funny that both dramas depicted strong female leads (literally), but trust me, the story is very different. But both are very charming in their own ways!

        So anyway one of my to-visit lists was the Dobong Walnut Bakery from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon... if I had time, and if I could find it. Luckily, because of all the South Korean Travel blogs from hard-core K-Drama fans, we were able to easily find it!