Thursday, April 26, 2018

Earn As Much As 15K With the Shopee Suki Program!

        I bet everyone knows someone among their circle of friends who's a certified Shopee addict! I personally know 2 people in my circle! I mean how can you not love Shopee? It's one of the safest online shopping there not just because of the awesome items and super awesome prices... but because both sellers and buyers have security with their transactions. Shopee makes sure of that.  More on this awesome process later. But first!.....

We have excellent news for you! 

The Shopee Suki Program!

        Now you can earn cash rewards by simply referring a new customer to Shopee! Which I can imagine isn't hard to do at all. And for each Shopee order successfully completed by the new customers that you referred, YOU EARN A CASH REWARD!

The process is fairly simple. 


1.) You will get a unique voucher code like the one above. This will be the code that you will be giving out to new Shopee buyers. 

2.) When a new Shopee buyer that you referred makes their first purchase (worth at least P250), that buyer must use your voucher code during check out. With this voucher, the buyer gets P80 off on their order! (Minimum spend of P400). Win-win!!!

3.) Once the order has been shipped and completed, you, the person who made the referral, will receive a reward based on the total number of completed orders for the week! Easy peasy!

Now you might be wondering what rewards you can earn?

  • 50 PHP for every order completed using your voucher code
  • Rewards will be based on the number of completed orders for the week. (Counting starts on Mondays until the following Monday)
  • Rewards are released before Friday thru bank transfer.
  • PLUS! Another bonus reward will be given if your voucher is used more frequently. See the table below:

As you can see, you can earn a maximum reward of P15,000 per week!

        It's a no-brainer! You can earn this much per week just by sitting pretty and giving out your code! I'm sure you want to SIGN UP NOW! (See Terms and Conditions here)

Okay so what do I personally like about Shopee?

As I mentioned earlier, I adore the fact that buyers and sellers are both secured. 

Security for the Buyer:

Whenever you purchase something, payments are made to Shopee's own official bank account. Once Shopee receives the buyer's payment, they give the go signal to the seller to ship the item. This gives the seller assurance that the buyer paid.

Security for the Seller:

Then at the same time, Shopee also will not release the payment to the seller until the buyer receives the item. This gives the buyer assurance that they receive what they paid for. Everybody happy at Shopee!

And of course not to mention the vast types of AFFORDABLE items you can purchase on Shopee! From clothes to accessories to gadgets to stuff for the home. EVERYTHING!

        There's a lot of things for dads, for moms, for teens, for babies, for grandparents, you name it! In fact I have a friend who does her Christmas shopping through Shopee to avoid having to go out and fight against traffic and parking and whatnots. Smart, right? I think I will do that this year.

        And yes, they do have an app! So you can do your shopping anytime, anywhere! Available for free download at the App Store and Google Play.

        So there you go! A new and exciting reason to enjoy Shopee even more! Head on to to see for yourself why everyone just loves it!


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