Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Snow Caps L-Glutathione : Not Just For A Fairer You

        Admit it. Whenever you see someone who suddenly has beautiful white skin (despite having dark skin years ago) you can’t help but wonder... “Ang putì nya! Baka nag gluta?” (She’s so white! Maybe she takes Gluta!” Fact is, she probably did. But another fact is that she’s probably a lot healthier now too! Why? Because Glutathione is not only for skin whitening. It actually has awesome health benefits more than anything else!

        There are a lot of glutathione products in the market but talk of the town is that Snow Caps is more special compared to a lot of other products.

snow caps

        This is because instead of just glutathione, it has L-glutathione. The difference? L-glutathione is more bioavailable. (Wow! Big word!) It basically means it is readily absorbed by the body, and so it effectively boosts the glutathione levels. Interesting!

Friday, February 1, 2019

Presotea From Taiwan, Now in Manila!

        Up until now, I thought all milk tea shops are basically the same. Don't get me wrong, I love milk teas! I have my favorite shops and I normally order the not-so-sweet ones. Never bothered to try other flavours other than the classic flavor and Oolong milk tea. That is until we went to Presotea yesterday. I got to try their amazing milk tea and fruit tea flavors (seriously really good and just my style!)

        Presotea is a Taiwan original brand, and they are now here in Manila! (In Robinsons Magnolia, to be exact!) They are the first to introduce premium tea brewing process. Their secret is their special espresso machine that serves FRESHLY BREWED TEA in each cup!