About Me

          Welcome to my colorful diary! Where I share all my "Aaaah!" moments and experiences as a first-time Mom to my little daughter Rain (I call her my Rainbow!)

          I believe life is a never-ending learning curve so you can expect a lot of rookie mistakes that I might want to share in this blog. After all nobody's perfect, right? Except our own moms who seem to be experts already after a lot of years of stress and tears and joy and laughter of taking care of us. I'm sure I'll get to that level eventually. 

          In the meantime I'll just enjoy what mommy-hood throws at me one step at a time, and a lot of other experiences I may find amusing and inspiring that I will be sharing here in my humble blog-o-sphere. 

          Wish me luck!

PS: Oh, and in case you are wondering, yes I am the wife of Mr. Pickiest Eater :-)

If you want to contact me for whatever, feel free!:

Email: rinasrainbow@gmail.com
Facebook Page: Rina's Rainbow
Twitter and Instagram: @rinasrainbow


  1. belated happy birthday ms. rina..
    wish you good health and all the best blessings in your life. its nice to discover and have follow your blogs:). stay sexy and always be a nice blessing to other people like me :)

    1. hahahah! i WISH sexy ako hahaha! But that's the goal hahaha! Thanks so much Kittylovesnoopy!!! virtual hug!!!! :-)

  2. Hi Cousin! ((giggling))... I enjoy reading your awesome blog, and of course, Richie's... So damn proud of you three! Hugs from CA! Keep it up!

    1. Hi cousin! Thanks so much for your support! Hope to see you for the holidays, yes? ;-)

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